Do you remember the feeling you had as a child when your feet hit the floor and you couldn't wait to start the day?

Now your tank is empty or life looks...well...kind of gray?
Do you wish you could enjoy the life you’re working so hard for, have boundless energy, and a sparkle in your eyes?
You can rekindle your zest for life & experience vibrant joy right here and now.  How?
1. Sign up today for my 30-day Find Beauty in EVERYday course 
2. Learn and be inspired by the Beauty secrets
3. Say good-bye to your soul-sucking routine & hit the Beauty           trail
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In Find Beauty in EVERYday, I will help you focus on what is good, right, precious, pure, and admirable.  Beautiful.  Inside you.  In your life and relationships.  In the world.  When life looks sunny...or when storms erupt overhead.

"Beauty in EVERYday" has energized and blessed me over the past 30 days! Thank you for the work and energy you put out in an effort to point our greater community toward mindfulness in all we do, and to grow magnificently into the persons we dream to be.

Janet G.

Delight in Your Now

I know what it's like to wake up dreading the day.  I've lived there myself. With Find Beauty in EVERYday you'll renew your mind by thinking differently. Transform your own life.  Right where you are. In the middle of the messy, chaotic, or difficult situations you find yourself in.
You don't need to escape.  By changing your thinking you can change your life.  Live differently than you ever have before.

Design Your Future

Learning and applying the Beauty in EVERYday principles sets the stage for designing an even brighter future.  Your mind and imagination are open to new possibilities.  Your vision is clearer as you see yourself and your life in living color.  Without the filter you've been using. When you love your life now and have a compelling vision for your future, you experience creative flow.  You are in in the groove.  Almost unstoppable.

A Word From Kathleen

Your new life is waiting. I'll be with you as you take the first step on your path to freedom on your Beauty in EVERYday adventure.  How excited you’ll be as you experience the changes that finding beauty in EVERYday will make in your life."